• Changing the Fisheries Operational Management

Vessel Application Modules

   Trip info
   Settings / Catch / Bycatch
   Daily activities
   MGO (Bunker fuel)
   Engines maintenance

Office Application Modules

   Satellite synchronization (Data & Code)
   Fishing vessels dashboard
   Current and annual key indicators
   Unloading dashboard
   Budget control and forecast
   Map view (FAO / EEZ zones)
   Trip details / vessels summary
   Fish unloading details
   XML / CSV datasets
   KPIs / BI reports
   User profiles / data access rules

SmartFishing Box

Onboard server with all smartfishing software preinstalled and ready for satellite communication

Compact size and robust computer

Simple configuration for any vessel

Automatic updates through Satellite

Data recording and secure transmission

SmartFishing Box

SmartFishing Software

This solution can be acquired as a SaaS (Cloud) or in a classic licensing model for installation on the client server.

Analytical Fishing

Information is recieved and stored, almost in real-time, crucial for operations management.

Key Performance Indicators

Important indicators (cost per ton, MGO consumption, etc.) for all operational management.

Budget Control and Forecast

Global view of forecast deviations and rectification control.

SmartFishing Processes

360º view of all fishing activities

Vessel / Fleet

Trip, crew, bunkering (fuel supply), stocks, incidents, engines, requisitions, activity logs, etc.


Search, settings (or other), catch, bycatch, classification, storage, geographical record and other fishing information.


Data communication management, optimized for low debit satellite channels, with secure data transmission.

Priority management and asynchronous notifications


Scows management, provisioning quality, weight, classification.

Distribution / Factory Delivery

Transport and delivery management (factory, local market / export or cold store)

Final Product / Sustainable operational management

The product reaches the end consumer with guaranteed quality and sustainability.